I started in 1995 with a coffeeshop. Because of 2 things. for the money, and to clear the sphere. "the owners are criminals". Thats no true. In the past i had 2 disco's, i saw there more drugs than is good for you. And the combination of softdrugs and alcohol are in. in the age between 15 and 19. It was hard for me to see how the "gabber"-world theirselves and other people to the went down to the gutter . So i sold those 2 and started a coffeeshop. We started in the month juni and it wasn't very busy at all, but slowly i went more busy. People come and go always, You always have some regular visitors, right now we also have free coffee and thea , A glass of cola or fanta is F1 gulden thats a gesture to our visitors. i see now that costumers that came here every day, tinking abou their future and come less, and sometimes they dont visit anymore. that's a thing to think about. i sell a lot of different things; to use the expression: everyday beans and bacon sucks too. so a real menulist. i notice that people request quality weed, white-widdow, Haagshe bluf, (a sort that i wont tell here) and other WHITE sorts. We also have a lot of "stuff", but that is just 15% of the winst, thats for now, but now and then it change. the fun part of the shop is that we have a lot of diffrent people from all kind of nationalities, thats not really strange. Coffeeshop "INTERNATIONAL" says enuf, i hope that the rasistic things stop because of that name. there are problems enuf. so toghether blowing and talking about your problems isn't out of the question. And relaxed watching a tv movie or playing table-football, or some other games. i hope you get an idea of the shop, where i am very proud about, and will tell more about this later.
greetings, ROB.